Rehab Well To Move Well

Pilates Rehabilitative Personalised Training to be free from pain.

Are you suffering from persistent pain? 

Has your pain affected your work and daily activities? 

Have you been looking for practical ways to be in control of your physical health again? 

Our teachers can help you to become pain-free through our Pilates Rehabilitative Personalised Training (PRPT) sessions. We have long been working with people with aches and pains in their bodies and have a track record for designing sessions that can help them achieve their rehab goals. If you have one of the following issues, we can help you:

  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Elbow Pain
  • Wrist Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Hip Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Shin Splints
  • Ankle Pain
  • Heel Pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis

What you can expect from your PRPT

1. We make your rehab relevant

Your teacher will take into consideration your medical reports, scans, Physiotherapist/ Osteopath/ Chiropractor's report or referral and your current condition, to take you through carefully selected exercises. We understand that selecting the appropriate exercises is not enough. For example, two people with similar issues may respond very differently to the same exercise hence making the exercise relevant to you through modifications or progressions will be key in your recovery process. This means you need someone who has the experience of progressing people, teaching beginners to progress to intermediate levels and beyond. Being pain-free means staying pain-free even when doing the activities that you love so we believe that your rehab should not be just enough to help you get by.

2.  We help you to become more effective

From our experience of working with people in pain, we learnt that an exercise can be effective for you 1 month ago but not be relevant anymore as your condition progresses. We will study what you have been taught and add on more so that you can progress further. We are able to do this because our teachers have a lot of movement experience. For example, if you were taught to do a hamstring (muscle at the back of your thigh) stretch by your Physiotherapist and that stretch happens to not work for you very well, our teachers have the ability to teach you another way to stretch. We can probably teach you more than 10 ways to stretch the hamstring.

3. We help you to regain confidence

We noticed one of the biggest reasons why people do not benefit from their rehab is because they do not really understand the benefit or consequence of not doing each exercise of their rehab homework. Hence they do not do their homework diligently enough to reap the maximum benefits. There have been too many instances whereby we asked newbies what they were supposed to feel in the exercise and they either gave inaccurate answers or tell us they don't feel much when doing it. If you are not feeling it at the right place, you are likely to be compensating with another muscle. If you are not feeling much in the correct muscle, you are not going to be able to use your muscles to support the activities you do and pain might still come back. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and confidence so that you can perform the exercises independently at your own pace to manage your pain and eventually become pain-free.

A BodyTree experience of PRPT Trial

Prior to the session, we would need your medical reports and scans or any Physiotherapist/ Osteopath/ Chiropractor report or referral. This is to help the teacher establish an initial understanding of your condition. 

Your session starts off with a review of your current condition. The teacher will be asking you important questions about your movement habits to gain a better understanding of what you are going through as it can be very different from what the scans show. Postural Assessment, Movement Assessment or Muscle Testing may be conducted to help the teacher formulate your program. 

You will then be introduced to strategies that help you prevent your pain triggers, taken through a mixture of mobility or strength techniques to help you to address your imbalances,  given exercises which you can do at home to reinforce what you learn in studio. Your teacher may also look at the exercises that you are already doing on your own to ensure that you are doing them correctly.

Finally, the teacher will share with you how he/she plans to progress you and help you become pain-free through our Pilates Rehabilitative Personalised Training. 

 Book your PRPT Trial now!

$137 $250

This trial is only for people new to Pilates BodyTree.

Top up for Founders to teach is $70. 

The BodyTree experience

"I had an annular tear in my back in 2015. My flexibility and core strength has improved a lot"

I had an annular tear in my back in 2015. I came to PBT for rehab and met Kris. She said she knew just the right Pilates instructor for me and referred me to Jane. That’s how I met Jane and have been doing Pilates with her since then. Jane does each session depending on how I am feeling that day.. adjusting the stretching and strength work accordingly. My flexibility and core strength has improved a lot due to that. I managed to do a 10km run in Stanchart marathon in 2016. I am now able to do a lot more aerobic training and have been able to start weight training as well in the gym.

I enjoy doing Pilates with Jane so much that I would rather miss going to a party than to miss my weekly session. In fact, Jane is such a good teacher that I referred my husband and both my sons also to her for Pilates. She’s our family Pilates master! Jane has made me believe that small steps taken consistently leads to big strides and progress. So I take this opportunity to thank Jane and to thank everyone at PBT for your efforts. Keep up the good work!”

Dr Ieera Madan Aggarwal

"I am thankful for Jerry and how he has made a difference in me and my back injury through Pilates."

The nagging and unmanageable pain over my lumbar area was greatly affecting my work and daily activities. After being diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease in 2009 over L4 area, I tried various medicine, been to sinsehs, and massages to no avail. Just as I thought this pain was there to haunt me forever, I was recommended to try Pilates in the hopes of alleviating my pain. After practising Pilates with Jerry for a period of time, what I find most amazing is not just being free of lumbar pain, the teachers at PBT even taught me how to ‘bring’ Pilates home, guided me to independently manage simple stretches and exercises when I am not in the studio. I am much more confident with regards to my managing my back with good posture, stretches, and exercises, instead of being reliant on medication. I am thankful for Jerry and how he has made a difference in me and my back injury through Pilates.

Claudia Tan

 "I no longer suffer from shoulder to neck ache / discomfort."

During the one to one sessions with Germin, she has been encouraging and spot on releasing the tension / tightness in various areas of my body. I no longer suffer from shoulder to neck ache / discomfort. At this point, we are working on increasing the flexibility of my hips area so that the lower back is strengthened. Germin’s drawings of the exercises is an awesome tool which I use as reference to guide me in releasing the body tension each day. The knowledge I had gathered is valuable. I have also recommended several friends to join me in this journey. Keep up the good work.”

Audrey Tay

"Practical & easy to implement daily"

I had L3/4/5 spinal fusion surgery and L5/S1 spinal decompression.  After surgery, I had strength, mobility and nerve issues.  To make matters worse, I develop neck pain and discomfort because of my lumbar fusion.  Fortunately, I was introduced to Jerry for my rehab.  Jerry was systematic and supportive in helping me. He taught me effective ways to manage my pain and discomfort.  He gave me exercises progressively to strengthen and help my body heal itself.  But what is more important is that Jerry helped me regain my self-confidence in managing my life.  I am now able to manage my condition quite independently with the skills and knowledge that he had given me.  I am very thankful to Jerry for all the things he had done for me.

Woo Yong Chuan

"Jane has been instrumental in my journey."

I have 2 levels of prolapsed discs in my lower lumbar spine, pain is an everyday occurrence. Not many instructors who profess to know Pilates dare to take up my case and those who are brave enough sometimes are just not creative enough to make a difference.

I stepped into the PBT studio on Amoy a few years ago, not knowing any of the instructors on the wall! Jane attended to me, patiently answered my numerous questions and convinced me that she could help. I was initially apprehensive but I am so glad we gave each other a chance. Every session, Jane patiently devised exercises and kept coming up with different alternatives that were effective but did not trigger those back spasms. We steadily worked through my many problem areas and injuries (there were quite a few!). When I first started, I suffered from back spasms every other month. I am very happy to say that in the past year, I do not recall any significant back pain episodes and can largely manage with work and family life. Jane has been instrumental in this journey. She relentlessly reminds me of my goal to be pain-free, to be a strong mum to my over-sized baby, and is a constant source of joy and positiveness. Life is enjoyable now. I cannot thank her enough.

Stella Ong

"Adelind have helped to resolved the pains and aches that I constantly have over my whole body."

My private sessions with Adelind have helped to resolved the pains and aches that I constantly have over my whole body. Adelind is patient, creative and knowledgeable. She alters the exercises and adapts the movements to suit me individually. She could identify the muscles I was (and wasn't) using and guided me through the exercises with precise and clear instructions. Thank you, Adelind!

Ellen Man

"My upper back pain now is manageable and there are also days when I do not even feel it."

On the way to my first Pilates session a few years ago, I remember how sure I was that this it would just be another futile attempt to alleviate my upper back pain. After medication, my back pain not only did not improve, but it actually got worse and I was really worried. As I did not want to be reliant on meds to get through the day, I decided to give Pilates a try. Boy, I am really glad I did. At the end of the session, I felt a little bit better in my upper back – the first in a very long time! I continue to practice Pilates since and after each session, I leave feeling a lot better. Not only in terms of my back problems but I feel good overall. My upper back pain now is manageable and there are also days when I do not even feel it. I am convinced that through Pilates, I will eventually reach the point where I can say that I am pain-free.


"Having a devoted & caring pilates instructor really made a difference and Eve had managed to turn around my life at that point."

I was introduced to Eve sometime back in May 2016 when I injured my shoulder during my days of doing yoga. The injury was so bad till I could not lift up my right hand to shoulder's height nor have the strength to carry my handbag. After knowing Eve, I started attending her private lessons to hope to solve my shoulder rotator issues. During those sessions with Eve, she guided me through the correct ways of manoeuvring my shoulders to avoid further aggravations. After a few sessions , I not only could rotate and shoulder my bag , even attempting a plank pose was such a breeze. Because Eve taught me the art of lengthening and strengthening which is a mandatory basis for all moving bodies, be it during a workout or simply fetching a jar of cookies from the top shelf. Having a devoted & caring pilates instructor really made a difference and Eve had managed to turn around my life at that point. I am really grateful to her care & guidance. And I hope to still learn from Eve after her maternity as she always makes me discover that my body could do more than before. With gratitude